Richard Ham
Founder / Operations Lead

IT Strategy Consultant & Solutions Specialist, in the IT game for 13 years

Likes: Women, Booze, Fags, Gambling, Crypto
Dislikes: Spiders, Heights, Flying, Women

Neil Hunter
Community Manager

Father/Visionary/Dreamer/Human/Insomniac/Biscuit Lover

Michael McLoghlin
Community Manager

Mick McLoghlin of the House EOSfuture, Last of my Name, definitely been Burnt, King of the Couch, Karl of the Great Barrier Reef, Breaker of Pint Glasses, and Father to be.

Andrew Ansley
Master P
Technical Lead

Invisible Man, 7 limbs, 4,672 years old and still breathing (just).

Likes: Anonymity

Dislikes: Nosey people

Bethnay O'Donovan
Design Lead
David Toseland
Technical Advisor

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