“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

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Welcome to EOSfuture, a London based EOS BP.

We’ve only just launched, so the site’s a little bit bare at the moment, but will be refreshed in the coming days/weeks.

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Our Team and Priorities

Our team is composed of early adopters of cryptocurrencies who share the vision of the decentralized ecosystem moving power away from governance and financial structures.

As a block producer candidate, our priorities are to secure the EOS blockchain, ensure the network operates in a resilient, reliable and efficient manner, and to scale it responsibly while maintaining adequate decentralized segregation of roles and responsibilities. Our team is self-funded, giving us the ability to move quickly and independently from external influence.

Our Team and Priorities

The Future...

We want to build up a community network which focuses on platform adoption and utilization. Whether this is helping users, developers, or even future BP candidates. the goal is to encourage adoption and to assist wherever possible. Through our community network we will be able to assist with developing and hosting apps, providing guidance and advice for those that need their hands held, and of course, connecting everyone together to allow the community to thrive.

Our initial focus is to scale our infrastructure to ensure we can keep up with the demand of the platform as it grows. More information on our platform and scaling plans will be available in the near future.